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Thread: Uranus Opposes Sun - 2019 OCT 27-28

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    Cool Uranus Opposes Sun - 2019 OCT 27-28

    Uranus will appear in opposition to the Sun during the night of 2019 OCT 27-28. At magnitude +5.7 it may be visible to sharp naked eyes under dark skies, especially during what will be the time surrounding the Dark Moon.

    It has always amazed me that Uranus was not discovered until William Herschel pointed a telescope at it in 1781. I would imagine that countless people observed it by naked eye before then, but assumed it was a fixed star and never noticed that over a period of time it changed position relative to the actual fixed stars. I first observed it by naked eye nearly fifty years ago, but of course I knew that it existed and exactly where to look.

    Photos and descriptions of Uranus would be welcome additions to this thread. My Uranus and Neptune webpage including ephemerides can be viewed at
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