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Thread: Did an Ancient Supernova Force Humans to Walk Upright?

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    Did an Ancient Supernova Force Humans to Walk Upright?

    A new study hints at a possible fascinating twist in human evolution. Did a chain of cosmic events triggered by a nearby ancient supernova force humans to walk upright? The study, out earlier this year, points to an unlikely source for modern human bipedal locomotion: the effect on our environment of a nearby supernova or …
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    Early human ancestors evolved alongside the African elephant lineage near the Great African Lakes. The elephants competed with giraffes for acacia tree foliage. Taller giraffes, with their long necks, forced elephants to adapt to get forage for their offspring, by using their heads and strength, to push over acacia trees to the ground to eat. When occaisional wildfires struck, the downed trees burned away, clearing the forests to make savanna. That is believed to have led the brachiating apes to learn to stand upright to see their enemies in the deep grass, and to hunt in packs with sticks and rocks. Tool-making. A sign of intelligence. Gorillas use sign language, another indicator of intelligence.
    Lions cannot retract their claws and chase primates in upright trees, but cheetahs and leopards still could, because their claws sheath. A chimp with a club is a match for a cat in a tree. Our DNA is ~ 98 % chimpanzee. The elephants creating the savanna paved the way for the upright ape. In my waning years of teaching only about one kid in 50 had ever climbed a tree...a surprise to me.


    ...had to read "African Genesis" by Robert Ardrey for an excellent course in anthropology at BU many many moons ago. Great instructor, spent her summers with husband digging bones in Africa.


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    Occam's Supernova

    A rather strained explanation.

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