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You said in post #33, up and down are never relative. I was just responding to what you said.

Sorry if my clarification was unclear.
I realize that, and it was clear. What Iím saying is that you were not responding to what I was trying to point out, but just nitpicking my lack of precision in writing. I thought it should be clear from the context that I meant relative in the sense I had defined it in the previous paragraph, I.e. relative to body position. And you are right that I left it out but I just thought it should have been clear what I meant.

Perhaps I need to be clearer. What I meant to say is:

Of course, north, south, east, west, up, down are all relative to the local reference. But, unlike East, west, north, and south, we do not have words that change when your body position changes. Well, Grant pointed out that we actually do, but they are not commonly used. Is that clear enough now?