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IF07: What is the mainstream size of the universe, Copernicus? Or what is your empirical evidence supporting this "about 13.75 (now 3) billion light years" size?

Your "T = 13.745514 billion light years" gives your universe a radius of ~3 billion light years. You have just debunked your ATM idea as you will realize when you answer IF07.

An error: Planck has nothing to do with your idea so "Planck Spheres" makes your idea wrong. A Planck sphere would have a Planck length as a radius. You have an imaginary sphere that you arbitrarily set to a "Compton Wavelength of the Neutron squared and multiplied by pi" "Cross Section". Compton wavelength of a neutron = 1.31959091E-15 m. Planck length = 1.616255(18)E−35 m. Thus 20 OOM difference.
There is no size estimate to the universe in mainstream science. There is an age estimate since the big bang. If I call the object with Comptom wavelength of the neutron a Planck Sphere, a name is just a name.