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Thread: SpaceX StarLink 1 - first operational flock

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    SpaceX StarLink 1 - first operational flock

    SpaceX StarLink 1 - first operational flock

    60 satelliites (Starship will launch 400)

    StarLink v1.0 is heavier than Starlink v0.9

    Falcon 9 Block 5
    Core: 1048.4 (4th mission)

    v0.9: 230kg
    v1.0: 260kg

    Date: November 11
    Time: 0956 EST (1456 GMT)

    Backup date: November 12
    Time: 0934 EST (1434 GMT)

    Stage recovery: ASDS (Of Course I Still Love You)

    Fairing recovery: T+45 min (Ms Tree, Ms Chief fairing recovery ships).
    These fairings were previously used for Falcon Heavy ArabSat 6A


    Deployment altitude: 280km

    From the press kit

    Since the most recent launch of Starlink satellites in May, SpaceX has increased spectrum capacity for the end-user through upgrades in design that maximize the use of both Ka and Ku bands. Additionally, components of each satellite are 100% demisable and will quickly burn up in Earths atmosphere at the end of their life cyclea measure that exceeds all current safety standards.


    Starlink-1 (800).jpg
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    Nice launch and landing on the drone ship.

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    That went really smooth. Any word on fairing recovery?
    With sufficient thrust, water towers fly just fine.

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    I've heard that they did not attempt to catch the fairings because the sea state was too rough. Not sure if they recovered them after they hit the water, though it seems like they usually do.

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    Don't think there were other recovery-capable ships in the area.

    Crew Dragon breathes fire tomorrow, Wednesday Nov. 13

    A static fire of Crew Dragon's eight SuperDraco engines is now scheduled for tomorrow during daylight hours from SpaceX's test stand near Landing Zone 1 at Cape Canaveral. #SpaceX

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