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Thread: a Robert Palmer

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    Cool a Robert Palmer

    A number of years ago...I remember seeing a 'talk' show that had a 'musical' element
    during the show. I thot it might be the "Arsenio Hall' show. But for the life of me...
    I could not find that episode where Robert Palmer sang with a entourage.

    He sang I song...that originally came out in 1999 which was a part of his "Rhythm & Blues" album.

    The songs title is "True Love".

    What I like most was this particular 'rendition' or production of it on this particular show. If I remember correctly.

    If anyone has advice on how to find such a thing...or might know about it or their friends...I would really like to know.

    Eventually I would even buy it..(the Arsenio Hall show episode) if it can be found.

    Thanks and have a nice day.

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    How about The David Letterman Show? (Honestly, Gorn, that took me about five seconds to search in YouTube.)

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    That is not the 'show' or 'musical' production I saw.

    He had his "own band" and entourage. Which makes it unique...and especially good.

    He had an 'ensemble' of black males with him. White shirts.

    The David Letterman one is actually a bit poor sounding. Pretty good by itself though.

    P.S. I've seen something similar...with ? can't remember his name as a stand in host.
    That's not it either.
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    The Martin Short show. Not sure if this is the one you're after or the "something similar".
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    This is the show you are looking for. It's a little bit wobbly, but what do you expect from the 90's
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    This sorta drives me insane.
    I could'a swore that I seen the same thing
    but he sung a song called "True Love"
    The one with David Letterman is not that good.
    But I thot he did the same thing on this show?

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    Gorn, did you look at Nicolas' link, to a performance on Martin Short's show? Robert Palmer, "True Love", with a chorus of black men in white shirts?
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    But I could swear to God...that the same thing
    happened on Arsenio Hall's show...
    That performance I saw...was way better than
    the David Letterman performance.
    The performance I remember made this song
    the most favourite I have 'ever' heard. Ever.
    Absolutely number 1 with me. #1.
    "Just that singular performance".
    But somehow...I am mistaken?????..............???..............
    Actually...I am not mistaken. No way.
    Same people...different show.
    People even mentioned that the backup singer was too loud.
    I've seen it differently. I gotta be right.
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