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Thread: YouTube Ads

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    YouTube Ads

    While I've not intentionally installed an ad blocker, apparently I've been getting some ad-blocking from my antivirus (Kaspersky) on this machine, based on the number of news sites that helpfully offer to turn it off for me. (No, I'm not doing that.)

    I had also noticed that I wasn't getting YouTube ads on this machine, but do on the other one (no Kaspersky) when I use it. Until a week or so ago when quite suddenly, I'm not only getting YouTube ads, but getting them in the worst way. Long, one to five minutes. Non-skippable. Often followed by another one. Has Google changed something? Have they figured out I've been blocking their ads and are getting even? Is it Chrome related?

    The latter seems a possibility; I just tried Firefox and got no ads. I really hate to switch because I've been using Chrome for years and it has all my bookmarks. I may need to see if I can import them to FF.
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    Can't speak for (or against) Kaspersky, but Chrome+Adblock plus rocks. Good plugin.
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    i agree
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    Interesting. I have Adblock software, but I didn’t think it affected YouTube ads because it didn’t used to and I doubt video would be affected by that or anti-virus software.

    I don’t think I have seen a YouTube ad for a year or more, but have seen various youtubers talk about the ”adpocalypse.” I don’t watch anything that far out there, but it seems like anyone without a lot of subscribers, or anything somebody, somewhere, might find controversial gets demonetized. So any news videos, any science vs religion video, any discussion of historical weapon use, like medieval weapons and how they were used in practice vs how they are shown in movies, any WWII history, anything about China that says anything negative at all, etc. gets demonetized.

    I would guess you just got lucky and managed to glimpse the rare YouTube ad, an endangered ad species.
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    My recent experience suggests that "old" YouTube videos (e.g. ones posted more than a year ago to "monitized" channels) are not prefaced by ads while "new" ones (e.g. videos posted within the past few weeks) usually do get ads.

    YouTube's recent COPPA fine seems to have resulted in a lot of confusion and potential demonetization of many gaming channels.

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