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    I would like to know if anyone knows facebook? If you do...I was wondering if it says that I have reached 2 people and had
    20 engagements this is telling me that it is talking about 2 unique people...definitely other than 'myself' who has
    seen my post?
    I know I can see my 'own' likes to facebook pages...I am just hoping that's not the case with this other stuff.
    Thanks for your response.


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    If you are talking reach, then you must have a page. Reach is how many people see your page. It doesn't mean they liked anything, they just saw it. Engagements are when someone likes something or comments.

    As far as your own likes, do you mean things you liked on your personal account or your page account (they are sort of divided)? I have my personal profile and my theseoldgames profile, I can like or join something with each. It takes some effort to have both profiles like the exact same thing.

    It seems people are mining for data to see how pages work. If you follow Dyson Logos (a D&D map maker), he has some data on this. Facebook shows your content via an "algorithm", meaning that a subset of your posts are see by anybody, perhaps as low as 5 or 10% of what you post. It has been discovered that if you post a link off of facebook, the number of people seeing anything on your page drops to about zero until you make a new post without a link. Facebook then hits you up with a prompt to create an ad or "boost" your post. "Boosting" seems to be pointless as it doesn't garner many results.

    Facebook is generally useless for prompting things outside of facebook. Try twitter, mastodon, mewe,, or any number of the *diaspora* networks. None of these use an algorithm. If you post something, any connection seems everything, everytime. It can be like drinking from a firehose.
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