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Thread: Gahan Wilson has died

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    Gahan Wilson has died

    Cartoonist Gahan Wilson died on November 21. He was born in the day Pluto was discovered.

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    Interesting coincidence. There was no one quite like him as an illustrator of funny terror.

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    He was suffering from advanced dementia when he died. The same thing happened to my mother, and while I was sad to see her go, it was a relief as well. Her quality of life was not good, and I had had anxiety attacks when trying to care for her (she reached a point we could no longer take care of her at home, and honestly, the anxiety didn’t go down much when she went into the “care” facility). I expect something similar here.

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    I was extremely grateful when Terry Pratchett died before his dementia got too bad--though of course he'd made plans in that direction. But he wasn't even bad enough to put them into effect. There is nothing so sad to me when a creative person dies than to learn that they'd suffered from something that took their creativity and personality away first.

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