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Thread: Year Equivalence

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    Year Equivalence

    My roleplay setting's main planet, Batiki (phonetic spelling), orbits its parents, Ahul and Unal, in 640 days (BY) of 28 hours, whereas Earth orbits the Sun in 365 days of 24 hours. Batiki's day and year are the bases for the Imperial Standard Day (ISD) and Imperial Standard Year (ISY, 5 BYs). Not only are the Batiki's day and year longer and Earth's, its year's length is because of its 20 32-day months. Thus, it calculates that five Earth Years (EYs) equaling 3 ISYs in the number of passing months. A BY is 275 days longer than an EY (~1.75x with a 24-hour day). If I compensate for the extra four hours (275/6), I get an effective difference of ~229.17 days (~1.628x). For the record, six Baitki days equate to seven Earth days. With the hourly-equivalence in mind, I've calculated that one ISY equals 2.0456621 EYs once the extra four hours are accounted for. Is using the 5:3 or 1:2 (simpler maths than above) ratio more accurate?
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