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Thread: Betelgeuse Fainting

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    I just now looked and it definitely appears to be back to its old self. I estimated about 0.9 and then looked at the latest AAVSO plot, and we are in good agreement.

    So much for the media horsefeathers about speculation that it was about to blow.

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    Betelgeuse seems to be rising at the same rate that it fainted.
    If this will remain the maximum rate of increasing luminosity, it is reliable to expect Betelgeuse reaching a maximum visual magnitude of 0.4 at the end the present rising phase.
    I was kinda hoping that if we didn't see a Supernova, maybe we would get a big bounce as it came out of minimum.

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    Gonna go outside and look for Orion tonight. See if I can get telescope fixed this week, too. Also...
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