I killed Dark Matter being throughout the galaxy in my other thread, but that doesn't mean it can't exist in black holes.

Dark Matter is Virtual Mass.

All Unobserved Matter Waves have mass ..including Dark Matter. They all are not physical until observed, but Dark Matter is decapitated ..it doesn't have the ability to gain a physical state. It remains quantum waves.

Dark Matter is a mass variable in the quantum field devoid of spacetime.
Virtual mass effects the bending of spacetime. Mass is virtual in a matter-wave, real when observed. Dark Matter can never be observed/decohere.

Dark Matter behaves like a ghost atom. It doesn't interact with matter because it is only waves. It sinks into gravity wells because spacetime can't tell the difference.

Quantum weirdness events (superposition, entanglement, tunneling) do not occur when spacetime is involved. They happen in their own Field of quantum waves. Observed particles are in duality mode, the quantum field is still treating it like a wave while spacetime is making it physical. Dark Matter doesn't have a duality mode, it remains unobservable quantum waves no matter what.

Dark Matter is my proof of a field of unobservable quantum waves without the need of spacetime. Matter Waves that don't decay also scream spacetime isn't involved.
Lorentz doesn't apply to quantum waves without a physical state ..there is nothing to trade-off. Spacetime is separate from the Quantum Field.

So, what is in a black hole? Dark Matter without spacetime.