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Thread: We've lost Buck Henry

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    We've lost Buck Henry

    But he leaves behind a great body of work. If you haven't seen something he wrote you need to get out more.

    Henry wrote the screen play for The Graduate and co-created Get Smart. He hosted Saturday Night Live ten (10!) times. In one show he was cut on the forehead by John Belushi's samurai sword yet finished the sketch and the show Ö while bleeding. In the show's finale all of the cast members were wearing bandages.

    He once said he preferred to write alone. "If the other writers are not as funny as me I hate them, and if they're funnier than me I hate them."
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    That's a loss.
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    As a kid I loved "Get Smart" and his output includes lots of good shows - as well as the occasional failure. He has left a pretty good legacy in "The Graduate" and "To Die For" was also excellent.

    The Washington Post obituary was deficient in that it, unlike the New York Times one, didn't mention "Quark" the only Science Fiction TV show about a garbage scow that I can remember.

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