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Thread: Taal volcano in the Philippines

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    Taal volcano in the Philippines

    Figured we needed a thread

    From AP
    TAGAYTAY, Philippines (AP) A volcano near the Philippine capital spewed lava into the sky and trembled constantly Tuesday, possibly portending a bigger and more dangerous eruption, as tens of thousands of people fled villages darkened and blanketed by heavy ash.

    Government work was suspended and schools were closed in a number of towns and cities, including Manila, because of health risks from the ash. Hundreds of flights were canceled or delayed, affecting tens of thousands of passengers.

    The restiveness of the Taal volcano and several new fissures in the ground nearby likely mean magma is rising and may lead to further eruptive activity, the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology said.

    The volcano was spurting fountains of red-hot lava 800 meters (half a mile) into the sky, and the massive column of ash and volcanic debris at times lit up with streaks of lightning.

    The alert level since the eruption began Sunday has been 4, indicating a hazardous eruption is possible in hours to days. Level 5, the highest, means such an eruption is underway.

    More than 350 volcanic earthquakes have been recorded near Taal since Sunday, U.N. spokesman Stephane Dujarric said in New York.
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    Taal is one of the sixteen Decade Volcanoes - those identified in the 1990s as posing a great threat to populations.

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    This recent (2018) article from Earth-Science Reviews is an excellent, detailed review that aims to provide an "understanding of the evolution of the volcano including eruptive history, processes, accompanying hazards and impacts associated with past eruptions". It is a clear, readable exposition with a rich bibliography. (You may be amused by a typographical error that attributes the source of the volcanism to "subduction-related magnetism", rather than "subduction-related magmatism".)

    A synthesis and review of historical eruptions at Taal Volcano, Southern Luzon, Philippines

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    The threat seems to be decreasing:

    An interesting aside...Vulcan Point **was** the largest island in a lake...on an island in a lake...on an island

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