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Thread: Future of DNA evidence - lower life forms?

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    Future of DNA evidence - lower life forms?

    Episodes of the TV show "Foresnsic Files" recount cases where investigators used cat and dog DNA to establish a link between a criminal and a crime scene. What will be the limits of which life forms can be used for this purpose? How unique is the DNA of a pet reptile? An Insect? A plant?

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    Remember the pre-internet book "The Book of Heroic Failures"...
    As i recall it... there was a story where the police in the UK found a forlorn dog chained up outside a jewelry store that had been robbed... front window smashed in.. perp left via rear laneway.
    ....nobody came to claim the dog.
    a police officer removed the chain, and shouted "home boy!!!".... followed the dog home to make sure the owner was reprimanded and found the thief and the jewelry.
    "It's only a model....?" :-)

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