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Thread: Appling GR to stars and galaxies instead of space

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    Appling GR to stars and galaxies instead of space

    I have not post here about this since 2014 but with all the current issues around standard cosmology, dark matter and dark energy I thought I would give it a go again.

    This is a simple cosmology that uses General relativity in a similar way to standard cosmology, but it reverses the primary unprovable assumption.
    Standard cosmology assumes we a special, we are the one unchanging thing in the universe. So, it apples relativity to empty space.
    “We can’t be shrinking so the entire Universe must be expanding.”
    Just like in the past, “We can’t be rotating so the heavens rotate about us.”

    Standard cosmology uses general relativity to expand and redshift empty space relative to the observer’s telescope.
    This cosmology applies it in a more conventional manner to objects in space and treats galaxies more like the objects in the classic thought experiments about spaceships or trains travelling near the speed of light or a clock on the surface of neutron star.

    If you remove the requirement that we are unchanging then general relativity gives several matches to the universe’s observed redshifts, luminosity and angular size behaviour.
    My long-time favourite is matter decaying in size exponentially and blue shifting in a universe that is static at the large scale.
    Telescope looking back into the past sees matter less blue-shifted than us. This is a relative redshift.

    Based on fitting the supernova luminosity data, the redshift z is linked to time or distance by: z+1 = 1.065t with t in billions of years or billions of lightyears.
    Where (z+1) is the relative scale & time dilation factor. This also gives a good fit to the observable angular size curves.

    This gives a universe that starts with and infinitesimally small energy fluctuation billions of billions of years in the past.
    At a redshift z of about 1017, 640 billion years ago, overlapping neutrons the size of footballs with a half-life of 30,000 years condense out of the primordial quark soup. As matter speeds-up (time-dilation reduces) the neutron decay to hydrogen. No time for anything heavier to be produced.
    The universe is near absolute zero totally dominated by the cooling effects of matter shrinking 1017 times faster than now.
    Direct collapse supermassive blackholes form over the next few hundred billion years as cooling effects prevent any resistance to the collapse. As matter shrinks, opposite sides of a stellar sized object are receding (without moving) from each faster than matter can fall in.
    When the two exponential curves of matter shrinking and the speed of matter (time dilation) crossover suddenly cooling becomes negligible and any hydrogen that has not crossed the event horizon heats up & explodes.
    This is this universe’s version of population III stars, hundred million solar mass failed supermassive black holes, that detonate simultaneously across the universe.
    These explosions produce vast amounts of helium and heavier elements that collect into larger interstellar objects over ~50 billion years.

    This universe can’t support non-baryonic dark matter because it would bullseye the blackholes & vanish.
    Modelling interstellar ice as dark matter makes galaxies just as likely to fly apart or shed dwarf galaxies as merge.

    Previous post from 2014 :
    Reminder: You can’t argue against GR using the fine or hyperfine structure constant
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