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Thread: The COVID-19 Discussion Thread (OTB)

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    Quote Originally Posted by 21st Century Schizoid Man View Post
    What I was hearing at one point was that the process was shortened partly because at least some of the manufacturers started gearing up for large-scale production before the results of the trials were in.

    So that was risky, if the vaccines didn't work or weren't safe, they'd have wasted a lot of money gearing up to produce something they're not going to produce after all. But since the trials went pretty well, this gamble paid off.

    That's what I heard at least. Unsourced. Can anyone confirm?
    I have heard the same thing and I found this reference about this from last September.

    Coronavirus vaccine developers working with the U.S. government are churning out doses of their experimental shots en masse, shifting to commercial production before clinical testing is complete in an effort to meet ambitious timelines for widespread distribution and vaccination.

    "All six of the vaccines we're working with are in industrial-scale manufacturing now," Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar said in a Thursday interview on Fox Business. "We literally have millions of doses of vaccine already."
    Here is an NPR story about other things they did, such as using contract manufacturing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SeanF View Post
    I don't think any employers (even hospitals) - at least in the US - are mandating Covid vaccinations ...
    Several of the hospital systems in our area are requiring employees get vaccinated.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Trebuchet View Post
    Apparently a significant portion of US military personnel are declining the vaccine. When I "joined" just a couple of weeks shy of 50 years ago, that wasn't an option.
    "Joined" because it wasn't voluntary!
    Quote Originally Posted by geonuc View Post
    Like all older US veterans, I've had a ton of vaccines, and even more since my father was Army and we lived in some foreign countries. While I was in the Navy, I received the notorious swine flu vaccination. I was not asked for my consent.
    In my previous post, I was referring (in part) to vaccines I received in the military, beginning more than 40 years ago. Although it was an all-volunteer force by that time, mine weren't optional either. They were required to maintain deployment readiness. Refusing them was to refuse lawful orders and the bottom line was, if you weren't deployable, you weren't employable.

    Quote Originally Posted by 21st Century Schizoid Man View Post
    Obviously the vaccine from 50 years ago wasn't COVID - which ones did they require? Was it more tropical stuff (the timing and country suggest you might have been in Southeast Asia), or conventional stuff like polio and MMR? (The latter apparently became available about the same time.)
    I don't have my old vaccination record handy but as I recall, I received routine vaccinations for DPT, influenza, MMR, typhoid, and yellow fever. Later in my career, they added hepatitis A to the list. If I'd had to deploy to certain locations, I would've received vaccines specific to those areas, such as cholera and anthrax or malaria prophylaxis.
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