Universal Darwinism

All things Darwinian

Any entity that exists via exploitation of an energy, can conceivably evolve its form and functions to a highly ordered complex state optimized for exploiting that energy. This summarizes life's circumstances very nicely.

And if you assume space possesses an energy content that Baryon matter "atoms" exploit, then you can test the idea that the forms and processes of matter are an evolved state optimized for harvesting that energy.

Biological activity owes its origin to sunlight "a freely available energy of the environment in which plants have evolved and optimized the process of Photosynthesis to exploit.

Consider the possibility that atomic activity owes its origin to an energy field that inhabits the environment of space, and that Baryons "atoms" have evolved an optimized process to exploit this energy source (we might term fieldsynthesis). Atoms exploit and convert space into atomic force. Atomic forces that are the generator of atomic activity. We do after all use atomic activity to define atomic time. So atomic force and atomic time are certainly intimately related, and therefore so is the concept of spacetime.

Spacetime curvature = atomic time = atomic activity = atomic force. Because atomic forces generate the atomic activity we use to define the measure of time. Direct causal relationship.

Defer to a tried and tested means that nature has at its disposal to generate highly ordered complex systems, (Darwinian progression). Anybody who has studied the complexity problem of science, and or the fine-tuning problem will recognize the potential benefits of discovering a "natural organizational principle is responsible for generating universal physical complexity and order.

So here is an avenue for inquiry. This outlines a scenario within which Darwinian mechanisms are given ample opportunity to act as an organizational principle responsible for sculpting atomic and cosmological forms and processes.

Scientist know why living cells service specialized roles within terms of forms and functions for the benefit of multicellular organisms. Because the fates of cells and the bodies they form are intertwined in a Darwinian circumstance of adaptation, optimization in the bid to persist.

But what scientists dont know is why hydrogen fusion sensitivity generates just the right amount of heat within stars to balance against the force of gravity to halt gravitational collapse. But while not being overly sensitive triggering a nova event. This raises the question of finely tuned calibration? Why do processes at atomic scales service structural mechanisms that service cosmological scales?

The hypothesis outlined above presents the same opportunity to service the question of fusions ideal sensitivity for maintaining stellar structure, as it does biologies relationship between Cells and an organisms multicellular body. Atoms fates are intertwined with stellar structures and processes within a circumstance of Darwinian progression, evolution and refined optimization.

All these considerations are made posable within a cosmological model which assumes space is a habitat that possesses an energy content. And that the Baryon universe (atoms and the cosmological bodies that atoms form) exist on the basis of exploiting this naturally available energy of space. That universal complexity and order is a result of evolution and refined optimization.

That life examples an extraordinary Darwinian existence which extends to a far broader universal scope. Universal Darwinism

Any Darwinian entity can be understood within terms of the energy it exploits to exist, and its evolved form and functions optimized for exploiting that energy source.

Take a tree for example. Its form and processes can be understood within terms of evolving (Lignin fibers) that is to say wood fibers. Which it used to good effect in the competition for sunlight. A strong truck enabled the tree to lift its bulk above competing plants and then spread its branches and leaf canopy wide, increasing its surface area and ability to collect the suns energy. So the theme of structure and process is apparent in the trees truck and branch form and photosynthesis process. Forms and functions. Structures and processes.

So if you begin from the standpoint that atoms exist on the basis of exploiting an energy of space habitat. That atoms evolved collective agencies that form stable cosmological bodies, presumably for the same general reason that cells eventually evolved multicellular bodies. In any case life offers precedence to be weighed as evidence that Darwinian systems are inclined to do such things. So now ill get to the point. As living things, we owe a great debt to chemical bond forming potentials of atoms and the presents of water molecules that act as a universal solvent in the expression of these chemical potentials. Life didn't invent chemical potentials, it only coopted or borrowed pre-existing potentials of matter. Question is, why and how did atoms achieve such an incredible and complex system of chemistry?

Let us look to the Earth's geochemical processes and see how geology makes use of chemical bonds, and the substance of water which just happens to be found in abundance in this universe and on Earth's surface. I see Earth's geochemical processes making use of chemical bonds while cementing eroded sandy and rocky aggregates, resolidifying rock sheets that span the width of continents. I see the Earth's surface being resolidified into ridged and therefore persistent structure by geochemical means enabled by the presents of water. Not to mention some heat and pressure within the Earth's crust.

Chemical potentials of matter would lay largely dormant on Earth if not for the presents of the universal solvent of water. What are the odds that nature would create wonderous chemical potentials quite by accident, and then again by mere accident create a very particular substance requires to activate those chemical potentials? They work together with an elegance that a lock fits a key. How can we take those seriously unlikely circumstances for granted?

So I see a highly energetic and kinetic universe that bombards and erodes planet surfaces, and I see repair mechanisms that act to resolidify this ware and tear. Much like your skin repairs itself, so do planetary crusts.

The idea is that these extraordinary processes of nature, chemical bonds and water's means of expressing them in a meaningful useful way, evolved for natural reasons that can be fathomed by science. Reasons that we observe nature in the act of doing, like geochemical structure formation. Within context of an entity's exploitation of an energy source, and its evolved structures and processes optimized for exploiting that energy while achieving stable persistent universal structures. In this fashion, it can be fathomed how the universe achieved highly ordered complex states, structures and processes, which having achieved a high enough threshold of chemical sufistication, that only then did life became an emergent potential.

We know how life generated its complexity. Darwinian progression. But science is hung up on the question of how matter came to possess the characteristics and complexity that life depends upon to exist. I'm strongly suggesting that universal complexity owes to the same general circumstances of lifes emergent complexity. Darwinian progression.