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Thread: Is the "diseases and pandemics" thread doing more harm than good?

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    Quote Originally Posted by parallaxicality View Post
    To be honest, I would rather have lost the thread than KenG.
    Quote Originally Posted by KenG
    Actually I have little interest in who said what when. My interest is in the fact that both the CDC and WHO are giving guidance that says people should wear masks in all situations where they are not social distancing. What's more, that was the attitude from the outset in some nations, and not others, and those that had that mindset have done much better. I think it's time this thread stressed these facts, unless someone would dispute that those are indeed the facts here. There are few things more important than the issue of what works against COVID-19, in a thread about COVID-19.
    This gets you a permanent ban? Wow.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cougar View Post
    This gets you a permanent ban? Wow.
    No, 16 infractions, 4 in his last 5 weeks on CQ gets one a permanent ban. Continuing to argue moderation in thread (and not using the multiple channels that are available to do so) after being warned not to gets you banned.
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    I will Endeavour to behave myself. I like it here. Catching COVID-19 is a particular fear of mine and prevents me from even posting further in a thread devoted to it, even if I created the thread. Plus, I have nothing intelligent to add to the conversation. Again, though, I will behave myself.
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