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Why did you post your claims?
There are a few reasons, and I'll expect your penalty for my honesty

There are a few people here I have a great deal of respect for, some very clever minds, and shared interests. I owe some great insights to people here. But none of those I respect here are mods. I'm a mod, and I would never conduct myself as you do. There is also the issue of diversity of expression and thought which you guys have no appreciation for, to put it mildly. Anything that sounds vaguely unfamiliar gets the treatment, generic arguments, accusation of unsupported, infractions for dubious reasons and closed without warning apparently. While rarely confronting an argument head-on or with geniality. If it's not copy-paste textbook, then you guys get upset. Confession, I've dressed empiricals to sound unfamiliar and watched you guys censor. It does frustrate me to see people who are bad at science dictate what others can and can't talk about. It's a unique type of injustice. And of course, you see it differently, but you see things from the perspective of a cognitive miser. To be fair, all of us are subject to being misers, but some of us realize this and check for it, and some dont know how clueless they are.

My Grammarly tone detector is making an angry face haha lol. oop, no it just changed its expression of disapproval. thats pretty funny

I have the sense that narrow mindedness is its own punishment, so consider your sentence served mods of QC