A good paper to recommend for those new to this message board? Covers a lot on learning to read astronomy papers and keep up with space news.

[Submitted on 22 Jun 2020]
Astronomy Paper Seminar Participation Guide & Reading Walkthrough
Kevin C. Cooke, J. L. Connelly, K. M. Jones, Allison Kirkpatrick, E.A.C. Mills, Ian J. M. Crossfield
Welcome to the wonderful world of scientific inquiry! On this journey you'll be reading many ×10^N papers in your discipline. Therefore, efficiency in digesting and relaying this information is paramount. In this guide, we'll review how you can participate in your local astronomy seminars. Participation takes many forms, from contributing a recently discovered article to the discussion of a published paper. In this guide, we'll begin by providing some suggested introductory activities for beginner scientists. Then we discuss how to locate papers and assimilate their results. Finally we conclude with a discussion on paper presentation and note storage. This guide is intended for an undergraduate and graduate student audience, and we encourage faculty to read and distribute this guide to students.