Itís summer! It should be a time for vacations, conventions, and escape with friends to destinations of fun.

But this is 2020, so rather than escape on this world, letís imagine escaping to another world. Please join us July 17 through 19 for the all-virtual
CosmoQuest-a-Con, a weekend of space and space-related art, music, games, and more.

We have lined up a stellar list of guests, including gamer Scott Manley, science communicator Dr. Erin MacDonald, artist Amy Davis Roth, and many more. You can find our up to date list of guests here.

We also have a Vendor Room, Games and Contests, a Mask-querade, and lots of panels/discussions! You can view the complete Program schedule on our event website.

All proceeds go toward the on-going science and science-education activities here at CosmoQuest. Most importantly, youíll be helping us provide part-time staff with full benefits!

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For complete information, schedule, tickets, and more, visit the CosmoQuest-A-Con webpage.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!

We at CosmoQuest are looking forward to seeing you at the Con!