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Thread: China's Chang'e-7 mission

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    China's Chang'e-7 mission

    China's Chang'e-7 mission will explore the moon's South pole with a lander and rover.

    China is advancing the development of the Chang’e-7 lunar south pole mission and a complex campaign to study comets and return samples from a near-Earth asteroid with a single orbiter.

    The China National Space Administration issued a call (Chinese) in late July to university, middle school and elementary school students for popular science experiments for the multiple-spacecraft Chang’e-7 lunar mission, and an asteroid and comet exploration project tentatively named ZhengHe.

    The call indicates that development of the Chang’e-7 mission is making progress. Last year, CNSA issued an international call for science payloads for the near-Earth asteroid sampling return and ZengHe comet-orbiting mission, indicating formal approval of the project.

    Chang’e-7 is a part of an expanded Chinese lunar exploration program targeting the south pole of the moon. The expansion builds on a plan initiated in the early 2000s to orbit the moon, land on the surface, explore it with rovers, and collect and and return samples to Earth.

    The Chang’e-7 mission will consist of an orbiter and a lander which will deploy both a rover and a mini-flying probe. A relay satellite will support the mission. This could be an uprated version of the Queqiao relay satellite for the ongoing Chang’e-4 lunar far side mission.
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    Lunar hopper of future Chang'e probes, Chang’e-7 mission will consist of an orbiter and a lander which will deploy both a lunar rover and a mini-flying probe?

    an article this year on 3-d printing.

    'As the Chinese, Russian and U.S. national space agencies continue to seek a permanent presence on the Moon, they are increasingly turning to 3D printing as a cost-effective construction tool.'
    ‘Project MOONRISE’ scientists 3D print lunar regolith-based zero gravity structures

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