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    In post #1 ...
    Nothing to do with IF06: Why is a aether with mass, charge and momentum undetectable in simple experiments or even ordinary life?
    You think there are positive and negative, massive components with momentum that make up all particles. Even the election with no evidence of a substructure and no evidence of an electric dipole moment from separated charges. There is no reason to think that these components are not also floating around outside of particles - that is basically what an aether is! You even imply this in post #1. That is your "background ether". You make up denser spheres of aether made up of that background aether. You might wish this away, e.g. make up a story that your "components" only exist in particles. But that would be science fiction, not science.

    You have an undetectable aether with mass. Mass creates gravity. Why can we not detect your "aether" by its gravitational effects?
    You have an undetectable aether with actual charges. Why can we not detect your aether by the effects of the charges, e.g. on charged particles?
    You have an undetectable aether with momentum (mass*velocity). All objects will interact with your aether and its momentum (think about a ball moving thru air). Why can we not detect your aether from it's drag on objects?
    The Large Hadron Collider is a good example of something that should not work as designed according to your stories and cartoons. Massive, charged protons are accelerated to very close to the speed of light. Your aether has no effects.

    This is the luminiferous aether in physics. It is what was supposed to allow light to propagate. It had specific properties which your aether does not have, e.g. no mass. It has been shown to have no measurable effects (MM and other experiments).

    An interesting aside: Electron electric dipole moment. The Standard Model predicts a tiny moment of at most 10−38 e⋅cm. We have currently an experimental upper limit of 10−29 e⋅cm.
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