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Thread: A 'Rainbaux' for Grant

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    A 'Rainbaux' for Grant

    Grant's "Rainbows Everywhere" thread reminded me of a surprise I got in this past weekend. I had decided to try out some of the weather settings in MS Flight Simulator and turned it up to "storm." After taking off from Talkeetna (PATK), I turned toward a nearby airfield and found this rainbow.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    The weather effects were quite nice: low, dense clouds; shifting rain bands; lightning bolts and clouds illuminated from within; white caps on windblown rivers and lakes; and individual raindrops sliding over the windscreen. The detail that surprised me the most, though, was the appearance of Alexander's dark band. It makes me want to chase more and see to what extent they're modeled. I wonder if it's just a library object overlay or if it's modeled on the fly based on conditions.
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    That's very nice, thanks.
    They've got the relative width and relative brightness of the primary and secondary right, too, as well as what looks like a hint of supernumerary bows along the inner curve of the primary.

    Grant Hutchison

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