There is a technology I wanted to ask about. It's something I've heard about, and it seems like a really cool idea, but as far as I know it hasn't really been implemented so there must be some downside, maybe production costs and maintenance? Anyway, I'd be interested in any feedback.

This is something that I think would work fairly well in relatively sunny, dry places like California or Australia or Northern Africa.

Basically, you build a pipe that pumps seawater into a farm of devices, which take the water and boil it using parabolic antennas that focus the sunlight onto pipes. The steam is then used to drive turbines, which create electricity, which can be used to pump the water but also, if there is excess, for consumption. And you get fresh water, and salt, which you can sell. So it seems a win-win solution. I guess there is a problem with maintaining the generation devices from salt damage. But what else?