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Thread: Russian Museum of Cosmonautics

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    Russian Museum of Cosmonautics

    "Take a Virtual Tour of Russian Museum of Cosmonautics"

    Take a virtual walk through history in a Russian museum of cosmonautics.

    JSC NPO Lavochkin in Moscow has inaugurated an unprecedented look at the Soviet history of aircraft and rocketry development, including space heritage craft such as the country’s Lunokhod wheeled Moon explorer and its Venus landing craft.

    All exhibits are presented in high quality and there is an English version for foreign virtual visitors.
    To take a virtual tour of this amazing museum and its collection of pioneering spacecraft that is typically visited by nearly 3,000 people a year, go to:
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    Nearly 3000 people a year is not a lot...
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    Ha-ha, yes Nicolas, completely agree with you! I think that it is not a big amount of visitors but maybe it is great achievment for such museum in Russia? Especially taking into account that they try to attract foreigners?

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    For reference, the Russian "Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics" attracts nearly 300.000 visitors per year. Not that I have anything against smaller museums, as long as they have a good quality standard.

    Location is also key here. It will be much easier to attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors per year in Moscow than in even a big city like Rostov. Tourism. Now Lavochkin (the one from the virtual museum tour) is also located in the Moscow region, but perhaps in a less tourist visited area than the Memorial Museum. I'm not that familiar with Moscow.

    And escpecially for space museums, the quality of the collection also heavily favours the few big museums, as it's next to impossible for others to get things like real space-flown capsules or unflown launch rockets.
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    The virtual tour seems to work better now, though it still has limitations. I tried it right after the OP was posted and the number of views were limited, now there are a lot, or at least it is easier to switch views. I’d like it more if there was an option for English explanatory notes, though. I recognize some of the probes and such but I’m not an expert on Soviet and Russian spacecraft, rovers, etc. Looks like a nice museum though.

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    I don’t know when I might be in Russia (does anyone really know their travel plans in advance anymore nowadays?), but it does look like somewhere I’d want to check out if I am!
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