Most of the NASA space program is a hoax.

Achilles Heel of hoax is EVA spacesuit because it can be PROVEN on Earth today.

NASA must PROVE before independent witnesses an EVA spacesuit in a vacuum chamber on Earth at 1 microtorr, something never done in 60 years of alleged EVA spacesuit use.

NASA won't because they can't because they commit FRAUD.

If NASA uses the EVA spacesuits in high vacuum on spacewalks from ISS as they allege and tests them regularly at NASA-Johnson in vacuum chambers as they also allege, then it should cost nothing extra and create no unacceptable inconvenience to allow a few Citizen witnesses to observe the next test.

In this great Age of the Scientific Method, our faith-based space program is unacceptable.

NASA should also produce at least one photo of an EVA spacesuit ice sublimator from this 21st Century since they represent one of the most interesting and exotic heat transfer devices ever concocted.

Sorry for the long quote. This guy's claim that NASA's EVA suit is hoax, is something I've never seen before. And an "ice sublimator"? What would be a good replie to this.