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Thread: Light did Accelerate i guess ! But not before space what do you think ?

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    Lightbulb Light did Accelerate i guess ! But not before space what do you think ?

    There has to be space for light to exist .
    You could say they expanded at the same rate but then again how come space is still expanding ?
    Light is instant but at some point must of accelerated.
    I do Believe space expanded faster

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    Acceleration means something crossing space. Light speed through space is a constant, it never accelerates beyond that. Matter can absorb and slow down photons, but they max out at their top speed in a vacuum.

    The ongoing expansion of space is still an unsolved mystery in science. We have not established a cause. At one point in the early history of the Universe, there was a rapid inflation that was faster than light could cross space, putting some distant galaxies permanently outside of the range of our observation; as a result we will never know how much of existence is beyond our field of view because their light can never reach us. So it's common to refer to known space that we can see as the Observable Universe.
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