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Thread: Author James Gunn, 97, has passed

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    Author James Gunn, 97, has passed

    James Gunn was an SF author, critic, and academic who was the director of the KU Gunn Center for the Study of Science Fiction.

    Prof Gunn was one of the founders of the John W. Campbell Memorial Award, first presented at Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, Illinois, in 1973.

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    Yes, I saw that earlier. He wasn't as big a name as Asimov, Heinlein or some others, but he was an important science fiction writer. He made it to quite an old age, but it still doesn't make me happy to see authors dying.

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    Very sad.

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    This one really makes me sad. A cousin of mine took Professor Gunn's SF course and sent me a copy of the reading list. I obtained every book on the list since I had planned to attend KU and also take the course. That didn't happen, but I still read every book on the list. I particularly appreciated Gunn's Road to Science Fiction series.
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