A giant bubble of VLF radio frequencies - entirely created by human activities - is not only surrounding the Earth, but is creating weather-like effects in space. According to NASA, the bubble was first detected in 2017, and is the result of very low-frequency radio communications, often used for coded or long-distance messaging - such as contacting submarines deep underwater. These frequencies have been "leaking" into space, and have created a barrier of sorts around Earth. As turns out, this giant bubble is keeping charged, radioactive particles from entering Earth's atmosphere. Various nuclear blasts over the years have resulted in belts of radioactivity around Earth, which this barrier has pushed further away than they were in the 1960s. In effect, VLF frequencies are creating human-induced 'space weather'. Unfortunately, according to a new article from Science Alert, the barrier doesn't solve the problem with the radioactive particles damaging Earth's satellites. NASA says that tests are underway to see if VLF transmissions can be used to remove the excess radiation surrounding Earth.