Another week gone, and oh what a week it was. Mars has expanded its fleet of robots by three to five (depending on how you count), with Tianwen-1 and its lander in orbit, Perseverance and its helicopter on the ground, and Al'Amal taking it all in with its cameras. This week our shows will be highlighting what we've learned so far while looking ahead to what comes next.

We're also relaunching our old CosmoAcademy program, and if you'd like to learn about Mars from someone who helps operate robots on the Red Planet, now is your chance. Starting March 20, Dr. Nick Castle will be teaching a six-Saturday series on "How to live on Mars (and not die)". This will be a highly interactive series, rich in discussion, humans, and, of course, science. Enrollment is limited to 16 to allow discussions to flourish, and the course costs $175. All proceeds beyond course-related costs will go to Nick's research programs at PSI. You enable science while learning!

I also have workshops on streaming and video editing, which will also involve humor but will be much more practical.

We are the Mars generation. Even us Gen-Xers.

In love and science,

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