M 5.3 - 3 km SSW of Point MacKenzie, Alaska
2021-02-27, 18:59:25 (UTC)
61.329N 149.999W, 42.1 km depth

That places the epicenter about 20 miles away from our house. It was quite the rumbler. It started modestly like many do and I gave it the 'wait and see' pause like any true Alaskan. It didn't let up, however and seemed to build, so I did the old duck-and-cover thing for what seemed like a long time. I haven't seen an official duration but in total, I'd say it was 30-40 seconds. No damage here at the house, though. Nothing fell off of shelves or walls. Just a perturbed cat who is now wandering the house, meowing at the top of his voice.