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Thread: What Happens if Perseverance Finds Life on Mars?

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    What Happens if Perseverance Finds Life on Mars?

    It's a fair question, isn't it? What IF Perseverance finds evidence of life on Mars? What will the implications of this be?
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    Fraser, that is the Million Dollar Question. DNA, RNA checks need to be done in a serious vein, and perhaps panspermia is in action.. and it came from here or vice versa. But a unique gene signature, or many of them, raises big questions about humanity, history, evolution, etc.
    In a lighter vein....."what would happen if we found signs of intelligent life on Earth?

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    This discovery will support the hypothesis that life is still present on Mars. Indeed, it is possible that Martian microbes migrated below the surface due to climate change. Research has shown that microorganisms can survive in brackish groundwater on the Red Planet. As a result, protecting the planet will become even more necessary as a human expedition to Mars could damage potential Martian organisms.

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