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Thread: Are there any wrestling fans here?

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    Are there any wrestling fans here?

    What is the best match you've seen recently? I'm going with Omega & Page vs The Young Bucks from February last year. It rekindled my desire to see wrestling. Next Wednesday Walter wrestles on the NXT TakeOver card, and I'm looking forward to it. Also, Finn Balor's match on night two of the same event Walter is on will be worth seeing. I guarantee it blows WrestleMania out of the water in terms of wrestling quality. Well, that is my take. How do you feel about pro wrestling and these upcoming matches?

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    Well yes, but maybe a different type of wrestling. I was quite excited to see Terunofuji win the most recent tournament, making an unprecedented comeback.

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    So . . . does this look as bad as it looks?

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    *ducks and runs*
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