The 23% illuminated waxing crescent Moon will occult (cover) the magnitude +3.6 star Kappa Geminorum for observers in North America during Sunday 2021 MAY 16. This will be an evening event for observers in the east and afternoon in the west.

The immersion will occur on the lunar dark limb, with emersion from the bright limb. Lucky observers on the southern graze path, which includes Albuquerque and Texas, can witness the star passing through lunar hills and valleys. Those between of the two graze paths will see a full occultation.

Iíve created a North American graze map, a set of Besselian elements for computer input, and a preview graphic with data for Chicago. They can be seen by visiting my Occultations webpage at

Photos and descriptions of the occultation would be welcome additions to this thread. If you would like specific occultation or graze predictions for your location, please reply to this post with your longitude, latitude, elevation and time zone.