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Thread: Dark energy is 72% of what exactly

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    Dark energy is 72% of what exactly

    It's commonly said that dark energy is 72% of the current known universe e.g. here: Am I right in thinking it' s 72% of the universe's total energy content - where the universe's matter contents contribute to its energy content with respect to mass-energy equivalence? If that's right, can I also ask what units do we use to describe energy in this context - joules? Thanks!

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    Yes, energy. See the Cosmic Energy Inventory. And energy is indeed measured in joules.

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    Reading and watching physicists the percentage varies with universe model, because we do not have one model that fits all the data and multi universe models are untestable while solving some of those nitty gritty problems. If you worry about heat death or crunch of the universe, these things matter. While both dark, dark energy is a different kettle of fish from dark matter.
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