A Total Lunar Eclipse will be presented to many observers with clear skies in regions surrounding the Pacific Ocean during 2021 MAY 26. Predawn from the western hemisphere, and evening from the eastern hemisphere. For Chicagoland observers, the Moon will set while still in partial eclipse.

Below is a link to my Moon webpage. It includes a preview graphic for the upcoming eclipse as seen against an imaginary blue wall to make the shadow fully apparent. The predicted event timings are in PDT (UT-7), but will occur at essentially the same real time for all observers experiencing nighttime. The depicted orientation and Moon altitudes are for an observer in San Francisco.

Iíve determined that during the initial penumbral and partial phases of the eclipse, for observers in southern South America, the magnitude +2.5 multiple star Acrab (Beta Scorpii) will be occulted by the Moon. The same will be true for observers in Central America regarding the occultation of the magnitude +4.0 star Omega Scorpii

Photos and descriptions of the eclipse would be welcome additions to this thread.

Link: https://www.CurtRenz.com/moon.html