Director's Notes: JD 2459371.5

With a week of vacation behind us, all eyes are now focused on our final sprint into summer. Our team takes a week off streaming roughly every six weeks so we can do behind-the-scenes tasks and plan for the weeks ahead.

And things are getting so busy around here, that we're happy to say our team is growing. We are pleased to share that Erik Madeus is joining our team, transitioning from a volunteer writer for our Rocket Roundup to being an official member of our writing team. He's also going to be helping with a NASA funded-project we'll be working on this summer: Transient Trackers. This project is designed to produce easier to use and fully open source photometry and astrometry software.

Before we get to work on that, however, we need to get through this coming week and the news bonanza that will be next week's American Astronomical Society conference. There will be press conferences, science presentations, and more, all crammed into Zoom sessions as hundreds (thousands?) of astronomers come together to present their work. Normally, this meeting would be face-to-face, and we'd be using the event to meet with collaborators and teach workshops, but with everything confined to Zoom.... well, we can meet with folks at anytime in Zoom, so we're going to focus on bringing you the news.

Are you ready? I am not... I'll be picking up a lot of coffee to help me get through this week.

In love and science,


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