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Thread: Time dilation in a spin

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    Time dilation in a spin

    From the perspective of an observer 'at rest' on Earth, how does relativistic time dilation differ in a capsule on a tether following a circular path at a velocity of 0.9 speed of light, compared with a capsule moving in a straight line at a velocity of 0.9 speed of light? Presumably within the capsule on a tether there is an acceleration (akin to gravity) that is not present in the capsule moving in a straight line at a constant velocity so I'm thinking the former would have more relativistic time dilation?

    Probably haven't explained it brilliantly, but hopefully you get the idea of what I'm asking. Thanks.

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    I think you will find the relativistic (SR) effect dominates so that velocity is changing in the tethered case relative an external observer. The gravity gradient time dilation (GR) needs distorted spacetime due to mass, so is not significant in your scenario. The acceleration force in the tether is greater because v is so close to light speed. So there are some tiny gravitational waves.
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    Yes, just the same time dilation as motion in a straight line. I wrote a bit about "relativistic ringworlds" on my blog a while ago.

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