Director's Notes: JD 2459406.5

This time next week, we are going to be saying good bye to CosmoQuest-a-Con 2021. This means... we still have all the excitement to look forward to!

The guests are posted, we've started posting the vendors, and there is even a schedule.

As a reminder, all the Twitch Stage content goes out for free, but if you want to explore the Vendor Room or see any of the content on the Discord stages, you'll need a ticket. At just $30, we're hoping this event is in reach of everyone, and we're also hoping to raise enough funds to cover the insurance for our half-time staff.

This year is bittersweet. About half the time someone asks "Who did this last year?", the answer is Paranor001, our friend Tim who passed away shortly before last year's Hangout-a-thon. I'm sure he'd love what we're doing, and he is sorely missed for so many reasons. In his honor, we're going to do a "Best Fourth Doctor" contest, looking for the best reincarnation of Tom Baker and his infamous scarf. There will also be a best big hair contest and more. Watch our website for details on all these events and more!

In love and science,

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