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Thread: Our Corner of the Milky Way

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    Our Corner of the Milky Way

    Astronomers Are Redrawing Our Corner of the Milky Way


    "Remarkable new observations are revealing the starry landscape of our galactic neighborhood and our place within it. Contrary to some previous claims, these discoveries demonstrate that our solar system resides in a bright and vigorous tendril of stars called the Local Arm...."

    by Ken Croswell

    See a brand new map of the Milky Way, based on the latest data, where each point is an actual young star with a well-measured distance and position: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

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    “So all of a sudden it was clear that the Local Arm had an awful lot of massive star formation going on, and that it was a much longer structure than previously thought...”
    Yay for the Local (Orion) Arm!
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