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Thread: A new Climate Model Suggests That Venus Never had Oceans

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    A new Climate Model Suggests That Venus Never had Oceans

    A new study has cast doubt on whether or not Venus ever had oceans, challenging the notion that it was once a potentially-habitable world.
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    Briefly skimmed the paper and have a question, their thesis mentions the slow rotation of Venus as a factor for their model preventing day side cloud formation.

    However other models I've seen directly attribute Venus's slowing rotation rate (which has been recently measured to still be occurring I believe) to the loss of it's water and the subsequent development it's thick dense rapidly moving atmosphere as a result. This mechanism is also what accounts for the apparent cessation of the plate tectonics and mass volcanic resurfacing @500-700 million years ago.

    Which model then is more probable?

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    The competing ideas about whether clouds formed on the day side or the night side of Venus and the other assumptions that make those ideas switch around emphasise , for me, how important the understanding of clouds is in modelling climate.

    If this study Is correct and Venus never had surface liquid water, it also tightens up the concept of a Goldilocks planet for life to evolve.
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