If any of you have noticed that I was away for a long time and only posted every week or so, it was because of the computer problems I have been experiencing.

It started 7 weeks ago when I noticed there was a beeping sound on my computer and it suddenly froze. I called Compaq support center, paid $40 for the extended warranty, and they told me after about 2 hours that it was a memory card problem. I looked at it for a day and then said that the memory cards were fine. They told me then that it was a motherboard problem, and that I needed to get a new one. Later, they said I had to pay $200 to get the hardware support...

We said that was too much, and my dad asked for some alternatives. They said we could take it to a local Radio Shack. They told us it would take 2 weeks and that it was guaranteed to be fixed. However, it took 7 weeks instead, (because motherboards are that hard to find), and it ended up costing almost $300.

But the thing was... when we got home, the computer with the motherboard wasn't fixed. Instead, it began malfunctioning and froze. In addition, they put a plastic plate over our headphone jack, USB port, etc. so that we couldn't use it. We were so frustrated that it didn't work that we just put in our old mouse, and suddenly, the computer worked!

After many dollars of phone bills, wasted hours, wasted money (about $500)...I can't believe what happened.

I don't know if this the tech support's fault or not, but I can't help feel too sorry for them. My parents are even more angry and thinking of filing a lawsuit against Compaq. Does that make any sense? :-?