Last night I was punishing myself and watched the history channel (dropa stones, Roswell, etc). The Roswell show (which I think I've seen before) had quite a bit of debunking based on declassified information (1998 I think).
It got me thinking. Clavius has such a great website with a step by step debunking of LL HB. Can we put something similar for Roswell?
I would love to see that, but I don't have the knowledge, retention or the resources to take on such a task.
There seemed to be lots of information on various projects (Mogul, Excelsior, and some others that I can't remember) that dealt with balloons, high altitude jumps, various crashes, etc.
Unfortunately, the show started with all the "evidence", then went into the debunking. Later it showed, "here's the project", and how it dispels the claim. It would be great to address it from "heres the claim" and then show the projects or incidents that caused them. Basically a timeline of the projects and thier wierd side effects.
I think their intent was to leave the question open, since they left it saying not everything was answered (but didn't say what).