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Thread: Lake Vostok and Europa

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    Has there been any recent news about Lake Vostok? Could there be life under the ice? If there is life there, would this make the case for life on Europa? Have the scientist ever figured out how to keep from contaminating the water under the ice? What type of life could have evolved after millions of years under ice?

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    Good timing!

    There was a recent story about this. A group of Russian scientists are about to drill down to the lake to see if it has life living in an oxygen-rich environment.

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    I just read about this in my local newspaper yesterday.

    It seems that our scientists are warning the Russians about drilling, because when they break through, there will be a shaken soda pop can effect.

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    Hey everyone!
    Life under ice? Of course! I saw this one TV show about the ice age, where at one point all of Earth was covered with ice. How did life live in those conditions? Under the ice! They were all plants living under there.. But wait.. DOn't plants need Sunlight? No problem! When Ice slowly freezes, the salt and other minerals slowly seep out making the ice like glass. Sunlight passes straight through the ice, so plat life is very possible under ice. I say it's probably the same with lake Vostok and hopefully the same with Europa.

    - YMP

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