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Thread: Joined atmosphere

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    Joined atmosphere

    Could there be 2 livable ( by complex life) planets with joined atmosphere where spacefaring is possible ?

    (I am not sure whether this should be joined with spacefaring thread ?)
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    You don't want to be there, trust me. In a fictional sense, there was a strange episode of Rocky Jones with an air bridge. Only a superstring cold hold atmo in a line like that--before tearing the planets apart a moment later.

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    Quote Originally Posted by publiusr View Post
    In a fictional sense, there was a strange episode of Rocky Jones with an air bridge. Only a superstring cold hold atmo in a line like that--before tearing the planets apart a moment later.
    And of course, there's the Pandarve multiverse, but this is not very "hard" SF (although it's a cool storyline).
    The Pandarve multiverse is a bubble of breathable gas, surrounding a white hole, that contains Pandarve itself, and thousands of other planetary objects. The main body, Pandarve, is a giant telluric planet. At Pandarve, the normal physic laws are no longer valid; this gives Don and Martin room for incredible stories and magnificent scenery. Also Pandarve is a living planet - which means it has intellect and can even interact with other beings.

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    Reality and science fiction are at times hard to separate. Science should have the imagination to wonder what if and it does. Good science fiction has good science as part of a realistic plot. Despite of or maybe in spite of the novels read. Its not real. It could be does not make it. Could a planet share an atmosphere. Only in your mind. Instability and chaos would not normally allow such a close partnership. Its not impossible. For the environments to be life supportive.... but we have nil reason or evidence to support this idea, do we ?

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    Pellucidar series had an internal moon inside the earth. Orbiting the hot sun like core.
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    And one of Ian M Banks' culture books had "air spheres" - planetary or more sized balloon like objects containing a roughly earth like atmosphere and extremely large life forms.

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    Robert Forward, in his SF novel Rocheworld had two planets like that. IIRC (it has been a very long time since I read the book), the two planets shared an atmosphere (though it was rather thin at the half-way point), one planet was an ocean world with intelligent lifeforms, the other could barely sustain life. There was an explanation for the difference, but I don't recall it.
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    Bob Shaw imagined this scenario in his Ragged Astronauts trilogy: the gap between worlds could be crossed with a hot-air balloon.

    The two worlds would be strongly distorted into rounded teardrop shapes, filling their mutual Roche lobes, as Forward described in his Rocheworld books.

    I think the difficulty is that such worlds would be subject to tidal evolution on a fairly short time scale, driven by the parent star. An Earth-mass pair in such close orbit around each other, orbiting in the habitable zone of a sun-like star, would spend very little time with a merged atmosphere before their solid surfaces collided.

    (As I recall, Shaw tweaked his later Ragged Astronauts novels to introduce the idea that the value of pi was different in his story universe: presumably as a way of sidestepping the orbital mechanics problems that would arise in the real world.)

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    Then there's Larry Niven's Smoke Ring. It only has one big planet though and the planet itself wasn't livable as I recall, but open space along it's orbit was.

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