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    SUMMARY: Mark your calendars for an astronomical event that you don't want to miss. On Sunday, November 9, most of the Western Hemisphere and Europe will be treated to a total lunar eclipse. And Universe Today is going to be gathering together a network of astrocameras, so you can watch it on the Internet if the weather doesn't cooperate for you.

    Comments or questions about this story? Feel free to share your thoughts.

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    I am confused. My Starry Night astonomy program and several other sources online say this eclipse is going to be a full 24 hours earlier than you are reporting, and I don't know how to tell who is right except to wait until the 8th or 9th and see what happens.

    Here is a link that says it's the 8th:

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    I think I have this figured out:

    Moon enters penumbra November 8 GMT 22 15.1
    Moon enters umbra November 8 GMT 23 32.4
    Moon enters totality November 9 GMT 1 06.3
    Middle of eclipse November 9 GMT 1 18.5
    Moon leaves totality November 9 GMT 1 30.7
    Moon leaves umbra November 9 GMT 3 04.5
    Moon leaves penumbra November 9 GMT 4 21.9

    Here in Virginia (Eastern Standard Time) when the moon enters totality it will be around 9pm on November 8th even though it will be 1AM on the 9th GMT.

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    Your computer progams lie! I tell the Moon when to eclipse, and I say the 9th!

    Okay... I'll admit... I was wrong. I always think in Greenwich Mean Time, or Universal Time, and the majority of the eclipse happens on Sunday morning.

    But, for North and South America, the eclipse happens on the evening of the 8th. I've gone back and rebuilt the page to more clear about when the various phases happen.

    Sorry about that. :-)

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    Cyndi Guest
    Does anyone know where I can get lunar data and picutres for Northern Virginia for the week of November 29, 2004 to December 3, 2004. It is for a class project for my daughter, due tomorrow!!!

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    Originally posted by Cyndi@Dec 7 2004, 12:52 AM
    lunar data and picutres for Northern Virginia
    Are you just looking for phases? Try the Sky & Telescope website and surf around for observers pages. It's tough doing homework like that at the last minute. Better check the newspaper to see what nights were cloudy too.
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