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    Ha! I was just thinking that we hadn't heard from HUb' in a while.
    I click on the CT thread and look what's near the top.

    I'm glad to see you're still around.
    I may have many faults, but being wrong ain't one of them. - Jimmy Hoffa

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    HUb'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good to see you! Happy belated birthday? Is that right! Hope you're still well.

    <3 B-)

    "Find a way to show what would happen
    If you were incorrect
    A fact is just a fantasy
    Unless it can be checked
    Make a test
    Test it out"
    -They Might Be Giants, "Put It To The Test"

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    At least he is still vertical. Always a good thing.

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    Gad, HUb', I was absolutely sucked into SF0, wow

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    01:28 2016 08/07 opening?

    My conlusion about this thread?/? Mostly opposing
    Japan. Let me see just HOW? in the late 90's, the
    governer of Oregon arrange {in my opinion| to prop
    up the Japanese economy with the shipment, from
    Oregon to Japan of Millions of board feet of TIMBER.

    I was opposed to that then, & now, & Tomorrow too.
    My opposition consisted of doing nothing as i have
    a policy if there is nothing that can be done.
    Doing nothing is the only thing that makes ˘ents.

    Now? Twenty years later, another prop up has taken
    place. Not by Oregon, but by the Saudies. Probably
    King Salmon {?Sp / no doubt with the advise of the
    Jordan {Prince, King, monarch? {never mind the who

    Billions of $ in cheap oil to prop up Japan once
    again? &I shirley do question the moves. Look? at
    the current pace? in ten years ?/? another PROP?

    By then it will be Trillions, Listen?/? there is
    simply no real reason for such global treason.
    other than to list the donars as humanitarians.

    Boo boo 'oo. ? Millioms, Billions, Trillions?
    for WHAT? More non recycleables. planed
    obsolesence, day 1. {0k never mind TBC> Later

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    Quote Originally Posted by HUb' View Post
    01:28 2016 08/07 opening?

    My conlusion about this thread?/? Mostly opposing
    Japan. Let me see just HOW?

    We always enjoy your contributions here, but this is entirely too political for BAUT/CQ. Please do not discuss this any further.

    And for everyone else - please do not respond to any of the points brought up in this post.
    At night the stars put on a show for free (Carole King)

    All moderation in purple - The rules

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