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Thread: Top 10 Milestones

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    So, since I can't pose a poll, I'll inquire this:

    For you veterans of UT, if you could pick the 10 most memorable moments/milestones of UT history (chronologically of course), what would those events be?

    And how about a personal 10 from Fraser?

    I know you guys have special moments from UT in your hearts and minds, so...come on, spill the beans! B)

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    I would have to say 'Sedna'.

    from the weeks leading up to it and after the discovery, there were a lot of posts about it, what was a planet, Oort and Kuiper belt objects.

    Rutans X-prize winning space ship one.

    From some initial cynicism and hostility towards multinationals and better ways to spend money, Burt Rutan has become the star of the space industry in my opinion, even though Mr Armstrong was the first to get to the moon, Mr Rutan has dared us all to dream.

    Chinas first Taikonaut.

    Was followed closely, and China was welcomed as another competitor in the return to the moon race.

    I would have to say Cassini is holding everyones attention at the moment, Huygens will certainly be something to watch over christmas.

    I think the Transit of Venus was worth mentioning, it did very little for me, I found the transit of Mercury far more interesting.

    I think it is probably relevent to include the a couple of the topics that sucked me into this infinite, non stop action UT dialog.

    You're running JPL, Where would you send a probe?


    Planetwatchers Favorite planet or moon, What is your favoritte space body?

    And I would also have to mention the date Dec 16 2003, 01:21 PM, the arrival of "the Bearded one"

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    And I would also have to mention the date Dec 16 2003, 01:21 PM, the arrival of "the Bearded one"
    hmmm :huh: not really a milestone, there are those who would violently oppose this, but thank you for mentioning that. I fully agree on the other things, and chook's idea of the rogues gallery

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    I first started here on the UT Forum abouot the time that the MER Rovers were landing and doing their thing.

    The Iron Sun thread has been irritating at times, but it started out like a very interesting debate.

    Writing the articles about the SKA and the 30-metre optical telescopes was a personal high point.
    Forming opinions as we speak

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